D.C. Precinct

D.C. Geese Police

Servicing the Fairfax and Arlington Counties of VA and Washington DC areas.

Michael Gay, Douglas Marcks, & David S. Marcks, Owner
P.O. Box 12031
Burke, VA 22009

Contact Info:
Office: 703-455-1890
Fax: 703-912-4301

About Geese Police of DC

Geese Police of DC is owned by three dynamic individuals with a can-do attitude! This new franchise was open for business and servicing customers within 60 days of formation! The cooperation and shared sense of responsibility that is pervasive in this partnership is a key element to their early success and forecasts a bright future!

Mike Gay brings a background in business and finance to Geese Police of DC. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a very young age. Prior to obtaining working papers, he delivered newspapers in a wheelbarrow. At 16 he was handling cash at a local sports venue. After completing his MA, Mike was awarded a fellowship and moved to Washington DC. While working at the Government Accountability Office, he met Doug and David S. Marcks.

During High School, both Dave and Doug Marcks spent summer breaks on a Connecticut golf course learning goose control techniques working with their father, Richard and their uncle, David C. Marcks, the founder and President of Geese Police.

Doug Marcks brings 15 years of goose control and a strong set of customer service skills to the team. After graduating from NYU, Doug became a key member of Geese Police Inc. at the headquarters located in New Jersey. He worked premier accounts, including New York City’s Central Park and Botanical Gardens.

David S. Marcks, with his strong background of customer service and sales completes this trio. His knowledge of horticulture and landscaping, combined with a love of the great outdoors will be a valuable asset to Geese Police of DC and their clients. David worked for Geese Police of Virginia for 14 months. Cathy Fiddler, owner of the franchise, sold a number of existing accounts to Geese Police of D.C. David’s tireless effort and attention to detail ensured that there would be a smooth transition on January 1, 2008 when they opened their franchise.

A strong work ethic, a spirit of cooperation, proven customer service is a key component and their collective experience possess the drive, determination and work ethic needed to succeed owning his own Geese Police franchise and assist their current and new clients.

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